Cross Connection Control/Backflow

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) sets regulations for municipalities. The TCEQ requires the City of Rowlett to have programs to identify and eliminate potential cross connections to the potable water system.

A cross connection is any actual or potential link between the water system and any other liquid or gas. While most of us think our water flows in one direction because it is always under pressure, this is not always the case. A drop in pressure due to a water line break, a fire hydrant in use, or a major repair can cause a reversal of flow that could siphon unwanted materials into the water system.

The goal of the City of Rowlett Water Department is to ensure that all residents have clean safe water. In addition, we believe that a program to identify and eliminate any possible cross connection is important. We want the very last user on our water line to have the same quality of water as the very first user and ensure that nothing has entered the system in between.

A good cross connection program is essential to ensure the safety of our drinking water supply.

Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report (PDF)

Backflow Tester Application (DOC)

Registered Backflow Testers (PDF)