2023 Arts and Humanities Commission Writing Contest

The Arts and Humanities Commission sponsors an annual Writing Contest open to all Dallas and Rockwall county residents with an interest in writing. Entries are judged on originality, content, creativity, relevancy, structure, and the intangible: how the work touches the reader. No more than one entry is allowed per participant per category. All works are presented anonymously for judging.

There are three categories: poetry, short stories, and short works, which is comprised of plays and essays. First Place awards in each adult category receive $150 and Second Place awards in each adult category receive $50. This year, there is a division for children as well.  Prizes for the children's division will be announced at a later date. 

Each participant will receive an award certificate from the Arts & Humanities Commission and be recognized on AHC Facebook page.

Entries may be submitted by mail or in person.  Entries must be received by Saturday, March 18, 2023.

Questions? Please contact JR Forasteros at jrforasteros@gmail.com

2023 Writing Contest Information Packet and Application (PDF)

Winners of the 2023 Writing Contest are listed below:


1st Place – Adult Division - Legacy by Brittany E.

1st Place – Youth Division - Of Inconceivable Delicacy by H. Hammond-Wilonsky

2nd Place – Adult Division - The Unspoken Cost of Bravery by April S.

Short Story

1st Place – Adult Division - The Unknown by P. McCully

1st Place – Youth Division - The Escape by C. McCully

2nd Place – Adult Division - The Letter in the Top-Right Drawer by Alan W.

2nd Place – Youth Division - Lost in the World by T. Anagnostis

Short Work

1st Place – Adult Division - Into My Personal Unknown by Christine B.

1st Place – Youth Division - Into the Unknown Universe by Noah S.

2nd Place – Adult Division - My Unexpected Purpose (Essay) by April S.

Please click 2023 Writing Contest Winning Entries to view the winning entries for the 2023 Writing Contest.