Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The City of Rowlett is fortunate to encompass an abundance of parkland and open space, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy many outdoor and recreational activities within their neighborhoods. However, as public resources shrink and shift we have taken a look at how our parks will continue to be managed and maintained in the coming years.


Rowlett Parks and Recreation Department is in the process of updating its Master Plan and we need your feedback for the next phase of community engagement

As Rowlett grows, we need to address the changing needs of parks, recreation and athletic programs, trails, connectivity, and open space. Our goal is to build upon our past plans and initiatives to be included in the Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trail Master Plan. 

View the 2018 Master Plan

The Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trail Master Plan will outline goals, establish policies and define actions to help reach the goals. There will be three critical areas of information – Parks and Open Space, Trails and Sidewalks and Recreation and Programming. The plan will consider needs, current standards and outline priority focus areas for each critical area. The plan will also outline implementation processes including the purpose, partners in progress, plan updates, an implementation matrix and possible funding sources. There is an action-packed draft for a game plan to make improvements and sustain success. Action items will be broken into immediate (within 2 years), short-term (within 5 years), mid-term (within 7 years), long-term (within 10 years) and ongoing (no specific time frame). This plan will aid the Department in budgeting and strategic planning for the next 5-10 years and should also help inform the upcoming City-wide Strategic Planning process. 

You can view the 2018 Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trail Master Plan online.