Commercial Certificate of Occupancy

What is a Certificate of Occupancy?

A C.O. is required for all buildings or structures that are occupied or used for commercial purposes. The C.O. contains information concerning the owner or tenant, address of the building, a description of the portions of the building and the use intended.

When is a C.O. required?

  • When a new building is constructed and occupied
  • If an existing building or lease space is remodeled, enlarged, or altered
  • When any new use, tenant, or occupant is established
  • When any use, tenant, or occupant of any tenant or lease space is changed
  • When any tenant "name" or ownership is changed

Why is a C.O. needed?

The Fire Department uses the C.O. information to help identify potential hazards that may be encountered while responding to emergency calls.

When the building is new, the C.O. verifies that it conforms to the most current life safety standards. When the building is existing, has an ownership change, tenant change, or change in building use, a new C.O. is required to provide that the building is still safe to occupy.

How is a C.O. obtained?

A C.O. Packet (PDF) can be downloaded or obtained by picking one up in our office located at 5702 Rowlett Road, Rowlett, TX. 75089 or by contacting us at 972-412-6125 to have one mailed to you.

Once a completed application and the $180 application/inspection fee ($90 for spaces less than 250 square feet or where a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued in the past 6 months) is received by our office, the application is entered into the computer and routed to the applicable departments for inspection and approval signatures.

  • Planning & Zoning - verifies that the use is allowed in the zoning district in which the building is located and identifies any additional requirements based on zoning
  • Health Department - issues separate health permit for any businesses serving food or beverage
  • Fire Department - performs an inspection and issues approval upon full compliance of the code
  • Building Inspections - performs an inspection and issues approval and final C.O. upon full compliance of the code

What should be done with a C.O. once it is obtained?

The C.O. is required to be posted in a conspicuous place on the premises and shall not be removed except by the Building Official.

Special note for restaurants:

Businesses that plan to serve food or beverages require Health CO approval and an approved health permit from the City of Rowlett Neighborhood Services Division. Please contact our office, for more information.

City of Rowlett Health Services
5702 Rowlett Road
Rowlett, TX 75089

Repair Shop Licenses

Persons owning, maintaining, conducting, operating or engaging in a repair business in the City of Rowlett should obtain a Repair Shop License with Building Inspections. Repairs done on motor vehicles, electric equipment or electronic equipment require a license.

  • New licenses have a one-time fee of $75
  • Duplicate licenses or licenses that have been destroyed or lost are $2

Applications (PDF) may be picked up at Building Inspections at 5702 Rowlett Road.

Home Occupations

All Home Occupations must be registered with the City. Please complete the Home Occupation Application (PDF) and submit to our office. There is no fee for filing and approved applications will be mailed/e-mailed once processed. Home Occupations involving food or drink must also contact Health Services for a permit.

Home Occupation Ordinance (PDF)