The North Shore Master Plan Advisory Committee

On November 5, 2013, City Council appointed an advisory committee to guide the North Shore Master Plan process by representing the diverse interests of property owners in the study area while upholding the Community’s Vision established in the Realize Rowlett 2020 Comprehensive Plan. The advisory committee includes Council members, Planning and Zoning Commissioners, and property owners within the North Shore planning area, along with the City Staff. The advisory committee is working together to support and guide the North Shore Master Plan, which is managed by the City’s Planning and Zoning Division. Please feel free to contact the Planning and Zoning Staff during the course of the project.

Doug Phillips, Councilman
Tammy Dana-Bashian, Councilwoman
Rick Sheffield, Planning and Zoning Commission Chair
Karl Crawley, Planning and Zoning Commissioner
Chad McEntee, property owner
Reno Marsh, property owner
Shelley and Mark Gann, property owners
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, property owner
Erin Jones, Director of Development Services