Kids just want to have fun and be active! Check out our youth programs below and get your kids signed up. Register online or call 972-412-6170.

Daddy/Daughter Hair Workshop

This class was created to give dads the confidence to style their daughters hair all while spending quality time together. This class will cover basic hair styles for all types of hair. Limit one child per class.

What to bring: Comb/hairbrush, hair rubber bands and bows (if desired).

  • Saturday, September 17th
    • 9:00 - 11:30a
  • Ages: 3-10 yrs
  • Fee: $35

MVP Skills & Training 

MVP Skills and Training sessions are designed to unlock young athlete's talent by teaching core basketball skills, help improve confidence, and take ownership of their personal development. Sessions will have a focus on specific skills, each broken down to its key elements to help the athlete understand and develop a solid foundation. Also, participants will have how to set realistic goals and work through problems or obstacles independently and as a member of a team. Drop-in fee is $12.

What to bring: Water Bottle and Basketball


  • Tuesdays in September, October, November and December
    • 6-7p 
  • Ages: 5-14yrs 
  • Fee: $40/month


  • Tuesdays in September, October, November and December
    • 7-8p 
  • Ages: 5-14yrs 
  • Fee: $40/month

To learn more about the class please email Coach Ellis at

Safe Kids 101

Preparing kids to stay safe at home and in the community. This is a must have class for any child who may be old enough to stay by themselves for short periods of time or any child that finds themselves separated from their guardian. This course covers fire prevention and fire escape plan, basic self-care first aid, proper use of 911, cyber safety, stranger danger, use of a fire extinguisher, how to seek help when lost, and much more! Lots of fun activities used to help engage the students and build retention. 

  • Saturday October 8 & October 10
    • 11:30a
  • Ages: 9-12yrs
  • Fees: $40/class

Babysitting 101

This nationally recognized course is the complete guide to becoming the best babysitter. This is an essential course for anyone considering becoming a babysitter or who will be responsible for caring for little brothers or sisters. This course covers all aspects of babysitting from the business of babysitting to marketing yourself, appropriate behavior of a babysitter, age specific activities, FAQs of babysitters, troubleshooting when things go wrong as well as the very important skills of diapering, changing, feeding, burping, and handling an infant. This course also provides a Friends and Family CPR course covering infant, child, and adult CPR, choking, proper use of 911 and basic babysitting first aid (no card given). Lots of hands-on activities and group discussions

What to bring: $10 cash materials fee 

  • Saturday, September 17 & October 22 
    • 8:30a - 12:30p 
  • Ages: 11-17yrs
  • Fee: $40/course 

Chess Wizards

Join us for tons of challenging chess lessons, exciting games, and cool prizes. You will improve your chess skills, meet new friends, and work out your most powerful muscle - your brain! Our classes include fun team chess games (like Corner Chess), tournaments, and puzzles. Unleash your brain power and spend some of your break time with Chess Wizards!

  • Thursdays, October 6 - November 10
    • 5:30-6:30p
  • Ages: 6-12yrs
  • Fee: $18 for session


This American Heart Association course is specifically designed for the community and focuses on “Hands Only CPR.” In this course you will receive all the same information as the Heart saver CPR course but without the course completion card. This is the perfect class for community groups who do not need a card for their profession and are not in the medical industry. Simple, easy techniques are given and lots of hands-on practice for all. Infant, child, and adult CPR, choking and use of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) are provided.

  • Saturday September 24, October 29th, & December 3rd 
    • 9:00-12:00p
  • Ages: 11yrs and up 
  • Fees: $35/class  

Tae Kwon Do

7th degree black belt, Bobby Blakey, has 30+ years of training experience with numerous black belts under him and sits on the board of the Texas Martial Arts Federation.  Discipline, power, focus and conditioning are just some of the things you will learn in this year-round program. No Class: 11/24.

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays in September, October, November, & December
    • 6:30-8:00p
  • Ages: 6yrs and up
  • Fee: $35 ( Once a week class) & $55 (Twice a week class)



This fun, skill-intensive program is designed with the beginning to intermediate player in mind. Using our progression-oriented curriculum, our fencing staff focus on the whole player, teaching your child the skills needed both on and off the court to be a better athlete. Each day will start with a skill of the day and progress into drills and games.

  • Tuesdays in September, October, November, & December
    • 5:30-6:30p
  • Ages: 6yrs and up
  • Fee: $25/month 


This is not just another martial arts class. We employ a mixed martial arts approach with a focus on real world application of self-defense principals including target hardening, situational awareness, pre-assault recognition, mindset, verbal tools, psychological tools, and situational application of hand-to-hand combative. Learn how to protect yourself, be more confident and aware in our non-sport, reality based, self-defense system. We can help kids understand how to manage altercations with bullies (that are school friendly), and adults confidently navigate environments and altercations safely. Don’t be anyone’s “victim” when the moment calls for you to be prepared. 

  • Monday & Thursdays in September, October, November, & December  
    • 7:00 - 8:30p
  • Age: 12yrs and up
  • Fee: $35 ( Once a week class) & $55 (Twice a week class)