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Want to know what's going on in your hometown? Want the information to come to you instead of having to search for it yourself? We're here to do just that!

We provide information to our residents, businesses and visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From our award-winning Rowlett Television Network, RTN16 programs to our weekly digital city newsletter and notifications, you are able to decide exactly what information you want to receive and how you would like to receive it.

How can you get Rowlett news?

Social Media

Since social media is the method so many of us use to instantly keep up with news and the latest information, you can find us on...
X (formerly Twitter)

Cable TV and Streaming Video

Not only do we broadcast the latest news and information on the RTN16 cable access channel, but we provide online and on demand access to RTN16 right from your device of choice through streaming video.


You can subscribe to weekly Friday @ 5 updates, or find them on our Facebook, Instagram and X pages. If you missed one, no worries! Find links to them all on our Newsletters page.


The My Rowlett podcast provides a bi-weekly insider’s look into the City initiatives, as well as interviews with some of our local newsmakers, business owners, and citizens making a difference and shaping our community's future!

Opinion polls and surveys 

We want to hear from you, too. From time to time, we will post opinion polls and surveys on this site to get your input. In the meantime, please send your comments to us by email.