Nuisance Complaints

Nuisance Complaints

All nuisance complaints may be entered into the Citizen Action Center by residents, call Animal Services during normal business hours Monday - Saturday from 10:00am-5:00pm at 972-412-6219, or email your complaint.

Animal Cruelty Complaints

Animal cruelty complaints range from no food or shelter to allegations of animal abuse. Texas State laws and the City of Rowlett Code of Ordinances are specific as to what constitutes neglect and abuse. Animal Services Officers enforce these laws and ordinances. 


  • Report possible cruelty immediately with specific information to ensure a timely resolution.
  • Have an exact address before making a complaint so that Animal Services Officers are directed to the correct location.
  • Leave contact information in case we need to reach you.

Barking Dog Complaint

Rowlett residents whose quality of life is affected by a barking dog may register a complaint with Animal Services. This type of complaint is a nuisance situation for excessive and/or prolonged animal noises.

As stated in City Ordinance Section 6-7, Animal Control Officers will be sent out to the location to attempt contact with the resident about the problem and give the owner 10 days  to resolve the excessive barking issue. If the problem persists after the 10 days, the complainant can issue a citation as a witness at the Animal Shelter. After delivery of the citation, the complainant may be called in to testify in court regarding the barking problem.


  • Try speaking with your neighbor directly first if possible (at times, all they need is someone to bring it to their attention that it is bothersome to others).
  • Please be sure you have the exact address before making your complaint to ensure a timely resolution.
  • Provide your contact information - City ordinance requires the name and address of the complainant to process a barking complaint.

Other Complaints

For other complaints such as vicious animal complaints, roaming dogs and/or pooper scooper complaints you can file with Animal Services, view other complaints.