Other Animal Complaints

Nuisance Complaints

All nuisance complaints may be entered into the Citizen Action Center by residents or contact Animal Services during normal business hours Monday - Friday from 10:00am till 5:00pm and Saturday from 10:00am till 5:00pm at 972.412.6219 or email your complaint.

Roaming Dog and Pooper Scooper Complaint

The City of Rowlett does have a “Leash Law”. All dogs must be contained within a fence or enclosure when let outdoors. If they are not properly contained, they should be on a leash with a human hand attached or in the arms of the owner. It is not safe practice to allow your dog outside to use the restroom or to exercise without being properly restrained as they could easily be involved in an unforeseen event. Dog bites, automobile injuries and lost pets are possible and can lead to citations being issued as well. Animal Services Officers can pick up your animal if it is not properly contained. Please be mindful of your neighbors when you allow your pet outdoors. If you’re animal does happen to use the restroom on a property not belonging to you, please pick up and dispose of it appropriately. Citations can be issued for this offense as well.


  • When reporting a roaming dog or "pooper scooper" complaint, you will need the description and the exact address so we may follow up on your complaint.
  • Roaming dogs can be reported for pick up during Animal Services Officers normal patrol hours, Monday - Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm. Sundays are for emergencies only.
  • Your contact information is helpful, but not required.

Vicious Animal Complaint

Unprovoked attack or aggressive behavior being displayed by a dog at any time is unacceptable. Many times a large dog roaming the neighborhood just saying hello to everyone could seem harmless. However, to some individuals it can be extremely frightening or even life threatening. Please keep your animals properly restrained at all times. If a dog is threatening or attacks another dog or human, a vicious animal complaint can be filed with Animal Services. Animal Services can pursue legal action against the owner to have the animal deemed vicious if, after an investigation, the situation warrants it.


  • If you feel you have been a victim of an unprovoked attack or aggressive behavior you have the right to file a written complaint (PDF).
  • Your contact information will be required along with the exact address and description of the animal.
  • When filing your complaint, please be sure to be as specific as possible. include the time, date and location of the incident and details of what took place. Witnesses may file a separate complaint as well, but it will still be considered as a single incident.

For additional information please contact the Animal Shelter at 972-412-6219.