Bike Patrol

Officer in uniform with bicycle standing beside woman in jeans

Our department’s Bike Patrol Unit operates on a part-time basis, with its members normally assigned to the Patrol Division. Primarily through generous donations from our community members, we are now able to field six bicycle patrol officers. Due to the strenuous physical activity that is involved in riding a bike for eight hours a day, the selection process is rigorous and thorough. Our officers must pass a rugged physical test prior to being selected for the Unit.

How To Recognize A Bike Officer

When circumstances warrant, the bike officers are reassigned from their regular patrol duties and deployed in various neighborhoods. You may also see them from time to time at special events. They can easily be recognized by their bike helmets, bright blue shirts and black shorts.


Our community benefits from our Bike Patrol Unit in several ways:

  • Officers are much more accessible to the community.
  • Officers are able to foster relationships with community members, particularly youth.
  • Generally, foot suspects cannot outrun officers on bikes.
  • Officers can approach silently and get much closer to crimes in progress before being observed.
  • Bike officers can conduct preventative patrol in larger areas of our neighborhoods than officers on foot.
  • Bikes can go where cars cannot.
  • Original cost and cost of maintenance are much lower than cars.
  • High visibility bicycle patrols in neighborhoods equals crime prevention.
  • The officers are more approachable, thereby enhancing the implementation of the Department’s Community-Oriented Policing techniques.

For additional information please contact Sergeant Kevin Harrelson at 972-412-6240 or by Email.