In 1998, Rowlett citizens came together, built a legacy and named it Kids Kingdom. A legacy that drew children from across the area and gave them a space all their own to create memories that would never fade! In 2011, due to enhanced safety concerns and EPA standards, the City's beloved playground was removed. 

The “new” Kids Kingdom design was inspired by our children and was built by the Rowlett community through a “Community Build,” just like the original. Engaging the help of the community for the rebuilding of Kids Kingdom Playground has impacted and inspired generations of children in our community, encompassing many aspects of their maturation process. Our youth will develop skills to enhance their growth physically, emotionally, mentally and socially on a playground. 

Kids Kingdom playground shows what wonderful community pride we have in Rowlett. Through the community build process, relationships were forged across neighborhoods, across schools, across the community and you can be a part of something truly amazing. 

All inclusive:

One of the key features of Kids Kingdom Playground is that it is accessible to all children regardless of their abilities. All children deserve an opportunity to play independently with their peers. Inclusive playgrounds allow children of all abilities to play together to foster acceptance and friendships. 10% of children today have some sort of disability including cognitive, physical, learning, visual or hearing. This playground is designed with these children in mind, offering an opportunity to develop and enhance abilities through interactive outdoor play.