Information Technology

The Information Technology Department (IT) provides the foundation for the City of Rowlett’s citizen-centered-organization philosophy. Citizens are more tech savvy than ever before and have come to expect a level of customer service found in the private sector. In today’s environment, technology is no longer a luxury, it is the means by which business is conducted. Whether online, over the phone or via email, technology ensures that interaction with the City can happen 24/7 and completely at citizens’ convenience.

The Information Technology Department (IT) installs, supports and maintains over 220 different software applications, including:

  • WebQA, which enables City staff to deliver seamless customer service in a timely manner.
  • Connect Rowlett phone, text and email alert notification system, which keeps citizens informed about emergencies, traffic situations, special events, trending crimes in specific areas and more.

The department works closely with public safety, providing the technology support and structure to make a five minute response time to emergencies by first responders attainable.

Rowlett IT provides unique technology services to the entire City of Rowlett organization, including:

  • Personal Computers
  • Application Support and Development
  • Telephony
  • Radio
  • Internet
  • Project Services and Department-specific Applications

IT Department Mission

Delivering technology that is secure and reliable, enabling all City departments to meet the needs of our citizens by identifying solutions that provide the highest level of internal and external customer service and value.