Records Section


The Records Section is responsible for distributing, maintaining and storing all reports that are generated by the Police Department. Records personnel also compile statistics that are used within the department and that are reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) as well as the FBI on a monthly basis.


Other services provided by the Records Section include:

  • Alarm permits - City Ordinance requires that anyone with an audible or silent alarm that requires emergency resource response must have a permit which is issued annually. Alarm permits are available either in person at the Records Section located in the Rowlett Police and Courts Building or online.
  • Accident Reports (PDF)- The Rowlett Police Department is officially 100% paperless in reference to crash reports submitted to the State. If you need to obtain a copy of a crash report, you can now request a copy from the comfort of your own home! We will still offer the same level of customer service as before if you choose to contact our records department in person, but now you have an additional, hopefully much more convenient, option.

    You may download, or request by mail, a copy of a crash report by referring to the eCrash website.

    You may also download and complete a request form (PDF) and bring it in person to the Rowlett Police Department Records Unit.
  • Background clearance letters - These are letters letting potential employers or other interested parties know that you have no criminal record with the Rowlett Police Department or if you do, it will explain what you were charged with.
  • Open Records requests -These include requests for copies of offense reports, and information related to 9-1-1 calls for example. Open records requests can be made in person, or in writing by using the form provided or by simply sending an mail to the Records Section requesting the information.
  • Solicitor Permits- Solicitor permits are required by City Ordinance for anyone that will be going door to door selling any product. Anyone requesting a permit must appear in person with the required information identifying the permit holder and anyone who will be working for them.  Please call 972-412-6203 for more information or questions regarding permits.

Forms for these services and more are available on our Online Services and Forms Menu.