Current Safety Issues

Reporting Traffic Issues

To report traffic enforcement issues please Email or call Lieutenant Anthony Castiglione at 972-412-6227.


Currently, there are several locations in the City that are under construction. Many motorists have found alternate routes around town, some of which are legal, and others that are not.

Traffic-related issues involve motorists using residential streets as alternate routes around the construction. Although these routes are perfectly legal, the Rowlett Police Department would like to remind all motorists that the speed limit on all residential streets is 30 mph unless posted otherwise. Our Traffic Unit has received and responded to complaints of motorists exceeding the 30 mph speed limit on residential streets and we are utilizing appropriate equipment and extra personnel to abate these issues. Drive through other neighborhoods as cautiously as you would in your own.

Cut Through Traffic

There are other selected routes that are not legal. Motorists are electing to cut through business parking lots instead of waiting in traffic. Not only is this a public safety issue, but it is against the law to cut across a parking lot to travel from one road to another. The Rowlett Police Department has received complaints from citizens and business representatives requesting assistance with this safety issue.

Alley Cut Through Traffic

Some residents have expressed concerns about the speed and increasing number of vehicles using alleys as a cut-through. In an attempt to gain voluntary compliance, the City of Rowlett has responded by placing "No Thru Traffic" signs in alleys to notify motorists that cutting through an alley is prohibited.

Blocking Intersections

Citizens have also expressed a concern about motorists who block intersections and prevent other motorists from traveling through the intersection when they have the right of way. The problem occurs when a motorist enters a congested intersection under a green light, but fails to clear the intersection before the light turns red. Stopping in or blocking an intersection is illegal. The City of Rowlett has erected several "Do Not Block Intersection" signs throughout the City to gain voluntary compliance. In addition to the signs, Rowlett Police Officers have begun monitoring certain intersections and taking appropriate enforcement action when violations are observed. Be courteous and do not block the intersection.