Code of Conduct

The first concern of all Wet Zone staff is the safety of our patrons. In order to maintain the highest level of safety, we request that all Wet Zone patrons abide by the code of conduct set out below:

  1. All patrons must pay price of admission or have a current resident season pass.
  2. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied and supervised by a person age 16 or older. All children under 7 must remain within arm's reach of a parent or guardian 16 years or older at all times.  
  3. All patrons must be attired in a swimsuit. Thongs or jean shorts are prohibited. For the safety of our patrons, swim diapers are required. Regular diapers are prohibited.
  4. Admission to the facility may be denied for any of the following reasons:
    1. Suspicion that the patron is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    2. Evidence that a patron has a contagious disease
    3. Evidence of open wounds
    4. Patron not having proper swim attire
  5. All patrons must shower before entering the pool.
  6. Abusive or profane language to patrons or the Wet Zone staff is unacceptable. You will be asked to leave if you use abusive or profane language.
  7. Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, alcoholic beverages, lighters and illegal substances are prohibited inside the facility. Electronic Cigarettes are also prohibited throughout the park.
  8. Please refrain from chewing gum in The Wet Zone.
  9. Picnic areas are located throughout the park. You may bring outside food and beverages. Please refrain from bringing glass containers and alcoholic beverages.
  10. Running, dunking, riding on shoulders, fighting, rough play, pushing and shoving, excessive splashing or towel popping is not allowed in The Wet Zone.
  11. For your safety, flips and back dives are not allowed from sides of pool. No diving.
  12. Patrons must stay off the lane ropes, safety lines and lifeguard stands.
  13. Loitering is not permitted in or around The Wet Zone, including the parking lot.
  14. Large water guns, large floating devices and water wings are prohibited. Water noodles and water toys are permitted. Life Jackets are provided at no additional charge.
  15. Snorkels and masks are prohibited.
  16. Only employees are permitted in the office, filter area, mechanical room and storage areas.
  17. Animals are prohibited in the pool area unless used for medical reasons.
  18. Patrons are asked to refrain from sitting or hanging on lifeguard stands. Talk to the lifeguard only if there is an emergency or assistance is needed. All other questions or concerns can be answered in the office.
  19. All patrons must obey the rules and regulations listed above and follow the instructions of the lifeguards and The Wet Zone employees.
  20. The pool employees may eject and suspend any person from The Wet Zone property for violation of pool rules or for any other action detrimental to the safe and orderly operation of the facility. In case of serious misconduct the City of Rowlett Police Department will be called.
  21. No tents or umbrellas.

Slide Rules

Operating dates, hours and admission subject to change without notice. No refunds, exchanges or re-sale of tickets allowed.The park is subject to close during inclement weather. Some rides and attractions subject to restrictions due to height.There is an inherent risk in riding all Wet Zone rides and attractions.Wet Zone reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone we feel cannot safely ride a particular ride.Park management will review all exceptional cases and make decisions based on the ride and abilities demonstrated by the guest.Drugs and alcohol are not allowed on the premises and violators will be ejected from the park.Wet Zone assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to property occurring on the premises.