Commercial Swimming Pools & Spas

All public and semi-public pools and spas in the city of Rowlett are maintained and regulated in accordance with the Texas Department of State Health Public Swimming Pool and Spa Standards and the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code 2018

All pools, spas, public interactive water features, etc. are required to obtain an annual Pool and Spa Permit from Environmental Health.  Additionally, every permitted body of water shall be maintained by a Certified Pool Operator.

Permit Fees:  $250 for each pool, spa, or other body of water at each facility. 

Below are the appropriate steps to obtain an annual Pool and Spa Permit. 

Step 1:  Review and obtain all required documents in the Pool and Spa Application Packet
Step 2:  Submit application packet and payment to Environmental Health
Step 3:  Environmental Health will schedule a Pre-Opening Inspection
Step 4:  After passing the Pre-Opening inspection
Step 5:  Obtain Pool and Spa Permit and begin operation


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