Online Permitting

Online Permitting System

We have implemented an online permitting and contractor registration system.  All permit applications and contractor registrations should be submitted via this system.  Additionally, contractors may request inspections and view inspection results via this system.

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To access the new system, go to:  Please select the "Collaborator" button and log in to the system. You will be able to:  apply for permits, view permit status, pay permit fees, request inspections, and view inspection status on all of your projects via this system once you have registered as a contractor and paid the fees associated with that registration.

If you need an inspection or require clarification regarding how to proceed, please call 972-412-6125 between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday through Online video training on how to use the Collaborator Interface, please visit the link below and login to your MyGov Collaborator account.

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