GED tutoring is available for anyone 17 and older who live or work in Rowlett. 

The GED consists of 4 subjects including Reasoning Through Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Mathematical Reasoning.  This is NOT a free program.  Students are required to pay for their textbook and GED tests.  All GED tutoring sessions occur in-person at the Rowlett Public Library.  

See below for enrollment information. 

ged flyer
Tutor Info Sheet

Steps to enroll in GED tutor sessions:

1. Complete the registration below 

2. Attend the mandatory program orientation 

3. Take the GED Ready Practice test for first subject of study

Students will not start tutoring sessions until they have completed these steps! 


(You will be contacted for orientation at the email you provide on your registration)

Kaplan GED Prep Plus 2022 - 2023 textbook

Students are required to purchase the Kaplan GED Prep Plus 2022- 2023 study guide pictured here. It is available through Amazon, Walmart, Target or any bookstore.

If you’re interested in becoming a GED tutor, please fill out our online volunteer form.   

For questions, email