Income Based Assistance for Residential Sidewalk Repair or Replacement

Sections 54-91 and 54-189 of the Code of Ordinances stipulate that maintenance and repair of a sidewalk is the sole responsibility of the property owner. However, to assist property owners with the repair or replacement of sidewalks, the City has allocated funds for qualified applicants beginning October 1, 2021.

Qualifications for Assistance:
• Residence must be in Rowlett
• Applicant must be legal property owner as recorded with Appraisal District or provide other legal   documentation
Annual household income must be lower than $48,700 (see income assistance table)
• Sidewalk must meet criteria for replacement 

Sidewalk Evaluation Criteria:
• Sidewalk must be in the right-of-way
• Sidewalk sections to be replaced shall be a minimum of eight (8) linear feet in length
• Faults: (Trip Hazards) vertical separations equal to or greater than 2 inches
• Settlements: Sidewalk segments with depressions greater than 5%, reverse cross slopes greater than 2% (twisted), or other indentations that make the sidewalk path lower than the curb. These depressions trap silt and water on the sidewalk and reduce the slip resistant nature of the surface.
• Broken and/or missing pieces of sidewalk must be greater than one square foot in a 4-foot by 4-foot panel.
• Tree roots causing the sidewalk to buckle and crack which makes it necessary to remove the roots to repair/replace the sidewalk.

Important Program Information:
• Income based assistance is contingent on funding availability
• Applications are reviewed on a first come basis
• Applicants will be notified of eligibility and cost share portion within 14 days of submission
• Estimate of cost share portion is valid for 90 days from date received
• It will take a minimum of 90 business days from time of payment for work to commence
• Cost share assistance does not include repair or replacement of lead walks from sidewalk to entry of house
• Cost share assistance does not include repair or replacement of driveway
• Cost share portion will include labor, materials, and equipment
• Property owner will be responsible for locating and adjusting all sprinkler heads and lines on irrigation      systems prior to work taking place and for ensuring permits are obtained if required. Some work might require a licensed irrigation technician. For more information regarding irrigation requirements, contact Building Safety at 972 412-6125
• Tree roots may need to be removed and City will not be responsible for damage or replacement of tree.
• City will only backfill around disturbed areas. Property owner will be required to maintain or install grass or sod
• Property owner shall notify City of any damages/issues within 30 days of completing repairs

To Submit an Application:

Send by mail to Rowlett Community Development, 5702 Rowlett Road, Rowlett, Texas 75089

Deliver in person to Rowlett Community Development Department, 5702 Rowlett Road, Rowlett, Texas 75089. 

 Apply Online 

Once you get to the page, click on the online portal and select "Collaborator" button and create an account or log into the system.  Choose the city sidewalk cost share application.  

For additional information contact:
David Gensler, 972 412-6133 or

For information on the 50/50 sidewalk program contact Brett Heslet,, 972 463-3935.