Emergency Warning & Notification Systems

Register for Connect Rowlett, Rowlett's citizen notification service, here.

Before, during and after a disaster, emergency, or incident; it is critical to obtain the most localized, up-to-date information from emergency officials.

The City of Rowlett works towards a comprehensive emergency warning and notification program that utilizes as many available methods as possible in order to ensure that the greatest number of residents and businesses are reached. Each system has unique capabilities and limitations that makes it important for residents and businesses to rely on a multi-layered, redundant system for receiving emergency information.


Rowlett residents and businesses have several methods for obtaining emergency information:

  1. Connect Rowlett (Rowlett's citizen notification service)
  2. Rowlett Television Network (RTN 16)
  3. National Weather Service (including Wireless Emergency Alerts, WEAs)
  4. NOAA All Hazards Weather Radios (KEC-56 162.400 MHz, FIPS code 048113 for Dallas County and 048397 for Rockwall County)
  5. Outdoor Warning Sirens
  6. Broadcast Television & Radio (WBAP 820 AM)
  7. Internet & Social Media
  8. Mobile Device Apps