Codes and Ordinances


Zoning & Development Handbook

The Zoning & Development Handbook is provided to assist the public with the City’s various zoning and development processes. The goal of the Zoning & Development Handbook is to consolidate all information needed to begin development into one central document.

Rowlett Development Code and Form-Based Code

The City of Rowlett is governed by two individual development codes:

Depending on the location, either the RDC or FBC will apply as the development regulations for a property. Please contact a staff member or review the Code of Ordinances for the most recent rules and regulations.

At their November, 05 2020 meeting, the City Council approved an ordinance amending the Form-Based Code of the City of Rowlett and the North Shore Framework Plans to require a special use permit for defined multi-family dwelling buildings.

Zoning Map

The zoning districts are shown on the official zoning map. Zoning district abbreviations depict the category of use allowed (i.e. SF for single-family, C for commercial, MU for mixed use, etc.). In the residential zoning districts, the set of numbers represents the minimum lot size in thousands of square feet. (For example, i.e. SF-20 would indicate a minimum lot size of 20,000 square feet).