NOAA Weather Radio

Noaa_all_hazardsNOAA Weather Radio All Hazards (NWR) is a nationwide network of radio stations broadcasting continuous weather information directly from the nearest National Weather Service office. NWR broadcasts Weather Service warnings, watches, forecasts, and other hazard information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

NOAA Weather Radios are "all hazard" radios - meaning they will provide an alert for any major hazard in the area, include tornadoes, flooding, hazardous materials spills, and more. 

Setting up your NOAA Weather Radio

There are many different kinds of NOAA-compatible weather radios. Each will be set up in slightly different ways.

Make sure when setting up your radio, you utilize the code based on the county in which you reside:

CountyS.A.M.E. County Code

A complete list of Texas NWR County codes can be found here.

Click here for more information from NOAA about weather radios.