Chiesa Road Widening and Historical Documentation

Chiesa Area Historical Documentation

Project Purpose

Neighbors impacted by the Chiesa road widening project have continuously helped staff understand the area's unique identity by amplifying their voices at public meetings. As a direct result of feedback heard from neighbors in the area, a cross-departmental effort is underway. Historical documentation is a concerted effort of the City of Rowlett’s Community Development Department, in partnership with residents of the study area and Rowlett City Council.

Project Manager

The historical documentation project is managed by the Community Development Department, led by Lilyana Morejon, Neighborhood Planner. She may be reached at 972-214-6165 or email - for English or Spanish-speaking inquiries.

Public Meetings (NEW)

You are invited to join us for the next phase of the Chiesa Road Widening and Historical Documentation project. We hosted three successful public workshops in June and received some great ideas for design features that can help honor the family legacy in the area. We also gathered several potential interviewees for the documentary video. How exciting! We are now ready to host three additional opportunities to communicate the results of the June workshops. The format will be a drop-in and spend 10-15 minutes reviewing and responding to the results from the June workshops. 

Did you know there is a documentary-style video still in the works? Come see us at the upcoming workshops if you are interested in being interviewed. We would love to hear your stories and see any old photos you are willing to share. 

If you need sign language interpretation, please contact us so we can make arrangements. An alternative meeting time may be necessary. 

All meetings will have the same content at different times, so come to one that works best for your schedule!

  • SUN, JULY 16: 2:00 - 4:00 PM at the Rowlett Community Centre - 5300 Main Street, Rowlett, Texas
  • WED, JULY 19: 6:30 - 8:30 PM at the Rowlett Community Centre - 5300 Main Street, Rowlett, Texas
  • FRI, JULY 21: 9:00 - 11:00 AM at the Rowlett Community Centre - 5300 Main Street, Rowlett, Texas

Project Scope

The project is comprised of three phases, described below.  

Phase One: Research and Data Collection - The project team will compile various historic resources for the purpose of highlighting both physical and non-physical records of significance to the study area and its past, present, and future residents and visitors. This phase will result in two deliverables: 

  • Report of Findings / Existing Conditions 
  • Chiesa Area History Book

Phase Two: Interviews - Interviews shall be conducted with individuals so that the historically significant lived experiences of study area residents and visitors are properly documented. This phase will result in two deliverables:  

  • Documentary Video 
  • Historical Document Catalog

To request an interview, contact Public Communications at or by calling 469-215-8566.

Phase Three: Memorialization - A study area memorialization plan shall be created by the project team that includes a detailed history of the area using resources from phases one and two of this scope of work, memorialization options, examples of which include but are not limited to monuments, reinvestment zones, and overlay zoning, relevant mapping, and an implementation plan with an action matrix detailing tasks and timelines for every goal, strategy, or action mentioned in the plan’s body text. This phase will result in one deliverable:   

  • Small Area Memorialization Plan

Study Area

Chiesa webpage study area

Chiesa Road Widening (Engineering) 

Project Scope

The Chiesa Road Widening and Improvements project consists of improvements to approximately 6,300 linear feet of roadway from a two-lane asphalt section to a four-lane divided arterial roadway from Miller Road to Dalrock Road. 

Project Manager

The Chiesa Road Widening is managed by CIP Manager Beena Jacob and she may be reached at 972-463-3934. For specific contact information, please visit the Staff Directory.

Project Timelines & Neighbor Expectations 

The most recent neighbor handout, which details timelines for property appraisal can be found here: Fall 2022 Chiesa Road Widening next steps handout .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is included in the project improvements?

Project will include new concrete pavement with curb and gutter, storm drain system, sidewalks, replacement/improvement of affected water and wastewater lines, street lighting and landscaping, and traffic signal modifications at Dalrock Road. See exhibits below. 

When will the project take place?

Preliminary alignments and layouts were presented to residents in the vicinity of the project in public meetings on May 9, 2022 and May 23, 2022. The feedback from these meetings, as well as staff’s recommendation for the project, were presented to City Council in Work Session on June 7, 2022, where Council chose to pursue Option 1 for alignment. This option includes right of way acquisition along the north side of Chiesa Road. City Council asked that City Staff document the history of this area due to its unique pattern of family settlement and racial identity. City staff are currently working to document history by scheduling individual family interviews and addressing more specific concerns about the widening. Preliminary schedules show the project going to construction in late Summer to Fall 2024. 

How does this impact me as a property owner near the roadway?

Impact to property varies depending on your proximity to the roadway widening, so it's important to speak to staff directly to determine anticipated impact. Jade Broadnax, AICP serves as a liaison between the Engineering department and area neighbors, in an effort to collect feedback and promptly respond to neighbor concerns. If you are interested in periodic project updates, please subscribe by scrolling to the bottom of this page and enter your email address using the form provided. Jade will email you directly with certain updates related to appraisal timelines, and invitations to participate in historical documentation efforts. Your email address will not be shared or stored. If you have any questions regarding the roadway widening, you may contact a member of the project team by using the Staff Directory

Will my property be taken? If so, how much? 

The City of Rowlett will need to acquire property only on the north side of Chiesa Road, as seen in the exhibits below. If you are on the north side of Chiesa, you should expect to be contacted for land appraisal and acquisition. If you are on the south side of Chiesa, no portion of your property will be appraised for purchase. Our desire is to disrupt neighbors as little as possible by adhering to local ordinances that reduce noise and debris nuisances during construction. Should you have any issues, you may contact a member of the project team by using the Staff Directory.  

What process does the City of Rowlett follow to acquire right-of-way (ROW)?

The City will have a third-party appraisal prepared for every parcel from which ROW is to be purchased. ROW acquisition offers will be made in writing on the basis of the fair market value of the property based on its highest and best use.

How long will construction last?

It is projected that construction will take at least 18-months to complete.

How much will the project cost to construct?

The conceptual level cost projection for construction is approximately $13.5 million dollars. Bonds for this project were approved by the voters in 2018.

Public Discussion

Past Meetings 

  1. May 9, 2022 Neighborhood Meeting to share information about the Chiesa Road project with neighbors
  2. May 23, 2022 Neighborhood Meeting to share information about the Chiesa Road project with neighbors
  3. June 7, 2022 - City Council Work Session
  4. September 20, 2022 - City Council meeting to seek funding approval for hiring a right-of-way agent. The item is on the consent agenda as item 7G. Meeting agenda is available HERE and Meeting Packet with all supporting information is available HERE, on pages 127-136. A recording is available HERE with a relevant discussion at 39:51 and 58:18.  
  5. June 2023 The project team hosted three public workshops where the public was asked to draw what they'd like to see in key areas of the roadway that honors the history of the Chiesa area.
Future Meetings  
  • Join the public workshops in July 2023. See the "Public Meetings (NEW)" section under "Chiesa Area Historical Documentation" section of this webpage. 
  • Interviews with the Rowlett Communication team about the history of the area will tentatively start in mid-July. To request an interview, contact Public Communications at or by calling 469-215-8566

Chiesa Road Widening Exhibits

The Chiesa Road Widening exhibits are drawn across four separate sheets due to the size of the project. Sheets 1-3 are available, but may not have the most updated property owner names. Sheet 4 has been updated to reflect accurate property owner names in accordance with the Dallas County Appraisal District (DCAD).  

Chiesa Road Alignment - Sheet 1
Chiesa Road Alignment - Sheet 2
Chiesa Road Alignment - Sheet 3 
Chiesa Road Alignment - Sheet 4 (Updated Property Owner Names)CHIESA_SCHEMATIC Option 1 ROW North Side

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