Special Event and Parade Application

Permit Information

A special event is a temporary event or gathering that may use either public or private property and include:

  • Circuses, carnivals, fairs, or other events
  • Displays or sales of art objects
  • Parades
  • Performance of music
  • A celebration of an event on a political, religious or social issue
  • Food events 

Defining a Special Event

These events involve one or more of the following activities, except when the activity is used for construction or house moving purposes:

  • Closing a public street.
  • Blocking or restricting public property or limiting the use of public parks or streets by the general public.
  • Offering merchandise, food or beverages on public or private property where otherwise prohibited by ordinance.
  • Erecting a tent on public property or on private property where otherwise prohibited by ordinance.
  • Installing a stage, band shell, trailer, van, portable building, grandstand or bleachers on public property or on      private property where otherwise prevented by ordinance.
  • Placing portable toilets on public property or on private property where otherwise prevented by ordinance.
  • Placing temporary no parking signs in a public right of way.
  • Charging a fee or donation for attendance or participation.

Applying for an Event Certificate/Permit?

* First time organizing an event? Check out our ’How-to’ book - Special Event Guidelines (PDF).

* Need computer help to fill out your application or access to free computers? Contact our Public Library located downtown. 

* Giving away food Special Event Food Service (PDF) or selling food at your event?
Temporary Food Requirements   (PDF). Here is the Temporary Food Permit Application

* Want to have an event on City-owned land or parkland? Instruction Sheet (does not include city streets).

* Sample Public Safety Plan. Fill in all Yellow areas or use your own plan - Sample Plan

* Sample Traffic Control Plan. Must be completed by a professional service provider or an engineer - Sample Plan

* Sample Certificate of Liability Insurance Certificate. Contact your insurance provider - Sample Certificate

* Sample Event Public Assessable Space Impact form - Sample Signature Sheet

* Sample Application Acknowledgement form - Sample Form

* Sample Site Plan - Site Plan Elements (your site plan should look like this)


Apply for a permit using the online submission form: Google or Firefox

Mygov Opens in new window


Block Party Application

For residential area block parties use the web.mygov.us link above.