Sign Posting Requirements

When Table 8.3-1 of the Rowlett Development Code requires that notice be posted, the applicant shall place or cause to be placed on the subject property a sign 10 days before the date of scheduled meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the sign shall remain until after the final action has been taken on the application by the approving body.

The applicant is responsible for the fabrication required signs meeting the following standards:

Size: No less than 4-feet by 4-feet in area

Materials: Signs shall be fabricated of durable, weather-resistant materials maintaining their integrity for the duration of time the sign is required on the subject property.

Number of Signs: One sign shall be placed for each right-of-way abutting the subject property. Should there be no such right-of-way, the Managing Director of Community Development and Engineering or her designee shall provide signage requirements meeting the intention of posted notice.

Content of Sign: The Planning and Urban Design division shall provide to the applicant in an electronic and print format the information required for the posted notice, including the specific fonts and sizes of such fonts.

Posted Notice

Required affidavit:  No less than 10 days prior to the day of public hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission, the applicant shall submit to the Case Manager an affidavit signed by the applicant and/or the person who placed the required sign on the subject property affirming posted notice as set forth in this subsection was duly and correctly performed. The affidavit shall be completed using a form prepared and provided by the Community Development Department and notarized. A digital photograph showing the required sign on the subject property with date stamp indicating the placement of the sign in compliance with this subsection shall accompany the affidavit. Should the required affidavit not be provided in conformance with this section, the consideration of the request may be postponed until the required affidavit is provided, but the validity of any zoning ordinance shall not be affected.

Removal of sign: The required posted signs shall be removed by the applicant no more than 3 days after the action taken by the approving body upon the subject application.