The purpose and goal of The Rowlett Police and Fire Departments Peer Support Program is to provide all employees in the department the opportunity to receive emotional and tangible support through times of personal or professional crisis and to help anticipate and address potential difficulties. Each department is committed to safeguarding the mental health and emotional well-being of all employees, sworn and civilian. Confidentiality is paramount. Without it, no employee would utilize the program which benefits, first, the employee, second, his/her family, third, the police department and finally, the community. Every community benefit from the mental health and well-being of its first responders. 

Peer support members prioritize confidentiality in their communication with peers. However, there are certain circumstances which confidentiality may be breached, including:  

  • When there is a risk of harm to oneself or others. 
  • When there is a suspicion of child or elder abuse.  

To ensure effective support, peer support members are required to complete an introductory training program “Assisting Individuals in Crisis,” conducted by the International Critical Stress Foundation. Following this initial training, members will continue to receive ongoing education pertaining to resiliency and mental health. Each member of the team has volunteered their time to assist others.