Clinics & Therapists

The clinicians listed in the following are experienced in working with first responders and have been utilized by agencies around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Feel free to get in contact with any of the providers below If you are looking for more formal, external counseling options.  

  • Monica Urbaniak LMFT-S (Urbaniak Wellness
    • Email Monica Urbaniak LMFT-S  
    • Phone: 214-347-9765   
    • Monica works with agencies on hostage negotiator scenarios, police related trauma research including peer to peer programs, and CIT training.  Over the last 20 years she has won prestigious awards for her work in the trauma therapy field. Monica will negotiate a discount for all law enforcement personnel and their families that come to her for wellness. Monica is EMDR certified. 
  • Lifeologie Counseling
    • Phone: 214-357-4001 
    • Lifeologie is a counseling practice that is contracted through the City of Rowlett to provide FREE and CONFIDENTIAL therapy. Lifeologie DOES NOT cap you on the number of sessions you can attend. Lifeologie is recommended to be utilized for long-term counseling, where 6 sessions through EAP will not be sufficient. Lifeologie invoices the City of Rowlett to cover the cost. Lifeologie can be used for personal or work-related concerns/issues. Lifeologie has therapists that are EMDR and first responder trained. They also provide tele-therapy.  
  • Barbara Crump LMFT/LPC
    • Phone: 214-632-2059 or 972-437-4698 
    • 2150 Lakeside Boulevard, Suite 100 
      Richardson, TX 75082 
    • Barbara is married to a local Fire Fighter, and she understands the unique stressors first responder work brings. Barbara's practice has a special focus on working with first responders and their families.  
  • Kimberly Parker LCSW 
    • Forged in Valor Counseling  
      1244 Southbridge CT Suite 101 
      Hurst TX 76053 
    • Phone: 817-888-1959 
    • Email Kimberly Parker
    • Kimberly Parker is a retired North TX Police Officer and has extensive experience working with the military and first responders. Most insurance accepted; cash payments can be made on a sliding scale.  
  • Barbara Banda LPC-S (Rays of Healing Counseling Center
    • Phone: 214-253-9576 
    • Email Barbara Banda 
    • Rays of Hope 
      Irving Family Advocacy Center/Irving PD  
      612 N Story Road 
      Irving TX, 75061 
    • Barbara helps first responders and military/veterans in a counseling and peer support setting. She has a special interest in providing EMDR at low cost to first responders. Barbara believes first responders give so much and this is her way of giving back to those who serve and protect. EMDR certified. 
  • Dave Hogan, LCSW-S, Mental Health Consultant 
    • Richardson Police Dept Vol Number 8214 
    • Dallas Metrocare Services 
    • Board of Trustees 
    • Email Dave Hogan 
    • Phone: 214-957-6902 
    • Dave is a retired DPD Officer. He has a private practice, and sees police officers for wellness. Dave offers reduced rates for law enforcement and their families.  
  • Dr. Heather Twedell Psychologist 
    • Phone: 469-352-7491 
    • First Responder Stress and Trauma
    • 2770 Main Street 
      Frisco, TX 75033 
    • Dr. Twedell has an extensive background working with law enforcement from the LA County Sheriff’s Office, and family members of hers work in law enforcement. Dr. Twedell is also the on-staff psychologist for Our Watch the equine therapy program dedicated to first responders and their families.  
  • Christina L. Richardson, LPC, NCC 
    Director of Direct Services and Victim Advocate, Trauma Support Services 
    • 210 S Cedar Ridge Dr., Suite C-100 
      Duncanville, Texas 75116 
    • Phone: 972-709-4904 and 469-890-6420 mobile 
    • Trauma Support Services 
    • Christina is passionate about helping first responders and their families thrive.  Accepts BlueCross BlueShield insurance or cash rate of only $70 a session.  
  • City of Rowlett Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    • Phone: 800-343-3822 
    • The City of Rowlett Employee Assistance Program is ran through Alliance Work Partners. The Employee Assistance Program is designed to assist you with personal or work-related issues. With EAP, you will be provided with a therapist that is experienced in public safety. The EAP provides 6 free sessions per instance. To get in touch with EAP, you can call them at 800-477-3822. You will be paired with an intake clinician who will ask you a set of questions and pair you with the best therapist in the area. EAP is confidential. No one will know you reached out.