OWS Sound Sample Results

Sound samples are collected with a PCE-322A sound level meter. Test results include both dBa and dBc siren test and ambient sound levels. Additionally, the tester will indicate if they were able to perceive a siren tone beyond the ambient noise. 

Sound Sample Results

Address/LocationGPS CoordinatesDateTimeTest dBaTest dBcAmbient dBaAmbient dBcSiren Tone Perceived (Y/N)Tester
3422 Mallard Park*32.876643, -96.570203
08-02-20231:05 pm57665766YesE. Balderas
8602 Schrade Road (Fire Station 2)
32.899722, -96.51985808-02-20231:05 pm67.8726871YesH. Myers

*Performed at a site outside of the existing estimated coverage area.