Project ChildSafe

Firearms Safety Program Details

The Rowlett Police Department will distribute 8,000 gun safety locks to citizens in an effort to promote firearms safety. Free locks will be available to Rowlett resident’s ages 18 years and older at the Records Section window in the Rowlett Police Department lobby while supplies last.

Gun safety locks will be distributed at various Rowlett Police functions such as Crime Watch meetings. Do not bring any firearms to the Rowlett Police Department or gun lock distribution locations.

The gun lock distribution is part of Project ChildSafe, a statewide firearms safety education and gun lock program.

Gun Safety Lock Benefits

Use of the gun safety locks will require gun owners to store their weapons unloaded, something that gun safety advocates encourage. Assistant Chief Dan Miller, who helped coordinate the City’s participation in Project ChildSafe, believes gun owners should keep their firearms in a safe and locked location and store ammunition separately from firearms.

Program Supporters

The Office of the Governor initiated Project ChildSafe under former governor George Bush. It is being coordinated by the Office of the Governor and the Texas Criminal Justice Division and administered by the nonprofit group National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). The program aims to promote firearms safety messages and to provide free gun-locking devices to all Texas gun owners.

Additional Information

For more information on gun safety locks, call the Community Services Officer, Dana Reeves at (972) 412-6242 or contact him by email.


Gun locks are intended to deter unauthorized persons, especially young children, from accessing and firing a weapon. The City of Rowlett did not make the gun locks. The manufacturer is solely responsible for the quality, reliability and the suitability of the gun locks for their intended purpose.