Solicitor Permit

Solicitor Rules and Regulations 

  • All Solicitors must have a permit* in the City of Rowlett.
  • All Solicitors must carry their authorized solicitor badge.
  • It is prohibited to solicit at any residence or building which has posted a No Soliciting sign.
  • It is unlawful for any person, corporation, organization or group to conduct solicitation activities, with or without a permit, in an area for which the public has access and such activity impedes the flow of vehicular traffic or presents a danger to pedestrian traffic. 
  • Soliciting (with a permit) is allowed between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

*When is a Solicitor Permit not required?

  • Non-profit organizations (a legal entity that is not formed and organized to generate a profit, but to pursue a social cause or public benefit). 
  • Insurance sales representatives, real estate sales representatives, and others licensed by the State.
  • Religious organizations exclusively for the distribution of literature and other items for the purpose of proselytizing, provided that no fees are charged and no donations are solicited.

Interacting with door-to-door solicitors

  • You may ask the Solicitor to present their authorized solicitor badge (image below).
  • If they do not go away peacefully you may call the non- emergency line at 972-412-6200.
  • Never divulge any of your personal information.
Solicitor Permit

Active Solicitor Permits

Business Name Solicitor Name Permit Expires
Artison Roofing and Solar Steven Drake Binns 3/29/2024
Diaz Tree & Lawn Service Kenneth Poe 4/7/2024
Qualeca Harper Qualeca Harper 4/19/2024
Conservation Contacts Terrell Rogers 6/19/2024