Film Friendly Rowlett

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Welcome to Rowlett!
A Texas Film Friendly Community

For decades, Rowlett has offered production companies the perfect location for movies, made-for-television movies, television series and microbudget films. Just 20 minutes east of downtown Dallas and within easy reach of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and Love Field, Rowlett provides a wealth of opportunities for tapping into the area’s extensive infrastructure. With two major highways running through Rowlett and picturesque Lake Ray Hubbard, Rowlett promises to be worth consideration for any production project.

In 2023, Rowlett was designated a Film Friendly Texas Community. It’s easy to get a project on the fast track by simply emailing the City of Rowlett’s Downtown Manager Melinda Bartram at or calling 972-412-6122 or 945-269-0558. Check out Rowlett’s Film Production Guidelines and access the Permit Application below.


Program History

Established in 2007, the Film Friendly Texas program is a certification and marketing program administrated by the Texas Film Commission. Film Friendly Texas certified communities receive ongoing training and guidance from the Texas Film Commission regarding media industry standards, best practices and how to effectively accommodate media production in their communities. The Film Friendly Texas program serves as an invaluable resource that helps position Texas as a premier destination for media production.

Rowlett Designated Film Friendly Texas Partner

Permits, Procedures and Safety

Permits & Procedures

Permitting in Texas
A broad overview of permitting for various types of Texas locations

Filming on Roads
How to use a road, street, highway, or public rights-of-way during production

Filming on State Properties
How to use state-owned locations such as state buildings, prisons, garages, etc. for production

Drone Regulations
Guidance for filming with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Transporting Commercial Motor Vehicles into Texas
How to bring commercial vehicles into Texas for production purposes

Safety on Set

Prop Weapons and Firearms
Information about using prop weapons and firearms on set

Health & Safety Resources for Production
Texas-based COVID-19 Testing, PPE, Intimacy Coordinators, EMTs, and Medics

THHS | COVID-19 Health & Safety Information
Texas Health and Human Services' official guidance regarding the pandemic

Pyrotechnics & Flame Effects Licensing
Rules for individuals working with pyrotechnics and flame effects

Rabies Quarantine & Animal Handling
Guidance for Texas Rabies Quarantine and animal handling on productions

Traffic Safety & Barricade Rentals

Employment Practices

Child Labor
Laws and regulations for child actors and extras under the age of 18 working in Texas

Safety Online
Overview of industry standards and best practices to avoid employment scams

Workers' Compensation
Overview of Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage in Texas

Contract Labor vs. Employee Status
Information about hiring Texas crews

Texas Workforce Commission | Employee Rights / Discrimination & Laws

Production FAQs

1. How do I turn my novel or screenplay into a movie?

2. How do I start a production company or talent agency in Texas?

3. How can I network with other Texas creative media professionals?

4. How do I fund (finance) my project?

5. What financial incentives are offered in Texas?

6. How do I find filming locations in Texas?

7. Do I need production insurance?

8. How do I scout neighborhoods and private residences?

9. Do I need to register with the Texas Film Commission?

10. How do I find crew in Texas?

11. How do I find job opportunities on projects filming in Texas?

12. How do I find cast in Texas?

13. How do I get a job as an actor?

14. Is Texas a right-to-work state?

15. Do I need a permit to film in Texas?

16. What are the labor laws for child actors working in Texas?

17. I’m a musician. How can I get my music featured in productions?

18. Where can I get stock and / or archival footage?

19. How do I get distribution for my movie?

20. What resources are available for youth interested in film and media?

21. I've received information from a production about a potential project. How do I know this opportunity is legitimate?

  1. Melinda Bartram
    Downtown Manager
  2. Email Melinda Bartram
    Phone: 672-412-6122
    Cell: 945-269-0558

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