SWAT Medic Unit

About the Unit

The Rowlett Fire Rescue Department's Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Medic Unit increases the level of protection the department provides to the citizens, employees and visitors of the City of Rowlett.

This special operations unit consists of four Rowlett Fire Rescue paramedics who are assigned to the Rowlett Police Department SWAT Team. The SWAT medics respond to all incidents involving the Police Department SWAT Team.

SWAT Training

SWAT medics are equipped and trained to provide emergency medical care in a tactical environment where delivery of emergency medical care to injured or sick civilians and police officers may be delayed.

Medical personnel are usually not equipped to operate under hostile conditions. SWAT medics give the Fire Rescue and Police departments the ability to rapidly provide life-saving service to sick or injured persons in areas otherwise not accessible to traditional paramedics.

For more information about the SWAT Medic Unit, contact the Fire Administration office at 972-412-6200.