Planning and Urban Design Division

Our Core Objective 

The City of Rowlett Planning team reviews project applications, entitlements, and approvals to ensure that future development decisions align with the City’s land use policies and proposed land use regulations. The Planning team is responsible for administering the zoning code, promoting urban design principles, per the Rowlett Form-Based Code, and overseeing the long-range planning efforts guided by the Comprehensive Plan, the long-range policy statement adopted and amended by the City Council.

Message from the Planning and Urban Design staff - Starting February 12, 2024 a new submittal calendar will be in place. Please visit the Development Applications and Calendar website for more information and the updated submittal calendar. 

Codes and Ordinances 

Rowlett Zoning Ordinances 

Texas Local Government Code

Rowlett's Comprehensive Plan

Rowlett's Development Guide

Development Applications and Calendars 

Board of Adjustment