Planning and Urban Design Division

Division Functions and Responsibilities

The Planning and Urban Design Division manages land use development by implementing the Comprehensive Plan, administering the Rowlett Development Code, and Form-Based Code, as well as the other plans, ordinances, policies, and procedures of the City. The division also prepares plans and/or studies that serve to guide future development. For more information, please refer to our FAQ’s


Q-I have a property. What can be built on it, and what kind of uses are allowed? 

A- The first thing to consider is the zoning on the property. You can determine the zoning district by looking at the City of Rowlett Zoning Map; knowing the zoning district will help you determine which code, The Form-Based Code (FBC) or the Rowlett Development Code (RDC), will apply to the property. For example, if the property is zoned Single Family (SF-8) District, you would reference  Section 77-300 and Section 77-400 to find Use Regulations (Table of Allowed Uses) and Dimensional Requirements (setbacks, building height, etc.), respectively. You may also contact city staff at for questions.

Q-How can I find what zoning cases are currently pending? 

A- You can now visit our brand new Development Status Map by following the "Development Status" link on the left.

Q- How do I submit public comment? 

A- Public comments should be directed to by 3PM the day of the meeting. If you are within 500 feet of the subject property, and the case is a public hearing item, you will receive a mailed notice which you can deliver to the Community Development offices at 5702 Rowlett Road, email to, or fax to 972-412-6228. Responses from properties within 500 feet will be included in the published meeting packet and thus it is recommended they be submitted by 12PM on the Friday before the meeting.

Q- When does the Planning and Zoning Commission meet and are residents allowed to participate?

A- The Planning and Zoning Commission meets regularly on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. We encourage all residents of Rowlett to engage and participate in the development process including physical attendance to the P&Z Meetings. Come out! We would love to meet you.

Q- I heard that the City is working on a Development Code Update? How can I participate or provide feedback?

A- You have heard correctly. We are currently working on development code rewrite, Recode Rowlett, with an anticipated adoption of 2024. For more information on the process and opportunities to get involved, please visit