Help Your Meter Reader

Maintain Access to Your Meter

Your water meter is an accurate and dependable water-measuring device used to register all the water used in your home or building. To ensure access for reading and servicing your meter, it is important that you maintain the area around your meter box.

Most people are not aware that their water meter is located within a utility easement. This means that when landscaping or fencing your yard, you need to maintain enough distance from the meter and box to allow us to read, service and repair your meter. This also means that it is the property owner's responsibility to ensure that the meter box is visible and accessible at all times.

Preventing Landscaping Problems

Please keep these things in mind when landscaping:

  • Your meter area should be kept clear of shrubbery, trees and low-growing bushes
  • When planting trees, keep in mind that tree roots can become entangled around the underground pipes, increasing the possibility of broken pipes and water leaks
  • Shrubbery can become bushy and hinder our ability to read your meter
  • Customers who already have established landscaping are required to trim their plants to allow access to the meter box

If landscaping does cause access difficulty, we will ask that you clear it. However, if we need immediate access, we may clear the vegetation without prior notice. Please note that the City has the right to remove obstructions placed in a utility easement area and is not responsible for any damage that may be caused by removing the obstruction.

If you have any questions about maintaining your meter or need help locating it, contact us at 972-412-6105 or by email.