Starting Utility Service

Connecting Service

To begin service, submit an application along with a copy of the account holder's valid government-issued ID (such as a driver's license) and proof of residency (lease or closing/contract papers). You may submit this information in person at 6602 Dalrock Road or online during application process. We will make every effort to have your services started on the date and time frame you select on your application, however, due to high volume, we can not guarantee same day service in every case.

Activation Fees

Deposit Fee: $100 for residential customers and $150 for commercial customers.

Service Fee: $25 for residential and commercial customers.

New Service Appointment Times and Fees

While completing your application, you will be asked to select a time period (8:00 am to noon or 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm) in which you will be required to be at the service address in order to have your services connected. Your presence is required during this time period to ensure that your home or place of business does not flood due to the water being connected. If a customer misses their appointment times, they are charged an additional service fee of $25. Any customer that calls to have services connected outside of the normal business hours of 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday, will be assessed a $50 after hours fee. 

Letter of Credit

Your deposit can be waived if we receive a Letter of Credit from a previous utility company within (three business days) from the time of application reflecting good payment history for the most recent 12 months of service. If a Letter of Credit is not received within (three business days) from the time of application, your deposit will be billed to you on your first month's bill.

New Customers

If you are new to Rowlett and you would like to initiate your utility services, please fill out the applicable form below:

New Residential Service Application

New Commercial Service Application

Existing Customers

If you already have services in your name and would like to transfer service from one address in Rowlett to another address in Rowlett, please fill out the form below:

Transfer of Service Application

(All transferred accounts will be assessed a service fee of $25).

For more information on your service, contact us at 972-412-6105 or by email.