Application Process

Police Department Hiring Process for Police Officers

  1. Complete the online application and the prescreen on the application from the City of Rowlett Human Resources Department and submit electronically. Scroll down to the lower part of the page. From there you will be directed to register with the system and complete an application.
  2. After passing the pre background review you will be contacted and emailed a comprehensive background packet (Personal History Statement). You are to complete the background packet with all required documentation prior to the test date. Bring the completed background packet with you on your test date.
  3. Written exam (morning) and physical agility (afternoon) on the announced test date.
  4. The background process will begin upon receipt of your packet. The duration of the background investigation depends on number of packets to be processed. We make every effort to process a candidate’s background in a timely manner. Please do not call during the background investigation to ask the status of your background.
  5. After passing the background investigation, applicants are scheduled for an oral board. Candidates will be ranked by the board members and the top ranked individual or individuals (depending on the number of openings) will be interviewed by the Chief of Police and a conditional job offer will be made contingent on you passing the next phase of the hiring process.
  6. Polygraph, psychological, and medical exams are then scheduled. If you pass each exam, you will proceed in the hiring process.
  7. Applicants will be given employment start dates. TCLEOSE licensed personnel will begin orientation and then move on to our Police Training Officer program. (Non licensed personnel will attend a Basic Peace Officer Academy as soon as an academy starts).

Important Additional Information

An applicant who successfully passes the written police officer exam, but fails the physical fitness test...

  1. Will be allowed to retake the physical fitness exam portion of the testing process at the next scheduled written exam test date as long as that test date occurs within 90 days of the physical fitness exam date which they failed.
  2. Will be allowed one (1) retake of the physical fitness exam without being required to re-take the written portion of the test.
  3. Will not be required to resubmit applications to City H.R. Their original application will be used.

For additional information on this position you may contact Lieutenant Kevin Harrelson at 972-412-6240 or by Email.