Animal Shelter Impoundment

Need to redeem your animal from the shelter?

Animals brought into the Animal Shelter by anyone other than the owner are considered a stray animal. Only animals found within the city limits of Rowlett are accepted. All stray animals must be held by the Animal Shelter for a period of five (5) days. This allows the owner ample time to reclaim their pet before it is seen by our licensed veterinarian and placed in the adoption program. Each animal is assigned a Case ID number to specifically identify that animal while in the shelter. Citations may be issued for repeat offenses.

If you redeem your pet for the first time ever and your pet is wearing a current registration and rabies tag, the City of Rowlett will allow you to redeem your pet at no charge.

Fees per animal for redeeming your animal(s) are:

  • $30.00 first time offense
  • $60.00 second time offense
  • $90.00 third offense and up
  • $25.00 Late Registration Fee (if your animal is not currently registered. This fee also includes implanting a microchip)
  • $10.00 Shelter Fee for each night your pet stays in the shelter.

Please check the Dog Intakes  or Cat Intakes photo albums on the City of Rowlett Animal Services Facebook page to see if your pet has been brought in to the shelter. If you do not see your pet here, please check the Lost and Found Pet Page.

For additional information please contact Animal Services at 972-412-6219 or by Email.Done Editing