Jail Release

Location and Prisoner Release

The Rowlett City Jail is located in the Police and Courts building at 4401 Rowlett Road.

Individuals held in the Rowlett City Jail have several options for obtaining a release from custody. Questions may be directed to the on-duty Detention Officers at 972-412-6252.

Class C Violations

Persons held on Rowlett Warrants or Class ‘C’ violations who wish to simply make full payment on outstanding bonds or fines to obtain a release, and who do not wish to obtain or set up a new court date, may do so with credit or debit cards. If you wish to obtain a new court date, then you must pay with either a money order, cashier’s checks, or with the exact cash amount. Credit and debit card payment may be submitted in person, or over the telephone. Money orders and cashier checks must be made out to the City of Rowlett.

Rowlett Charges

Individuals held on Rowlett charges may also be released upon the posting of an attorney bond. No city employee can refer you to an attorney; you must make that selection yourself. The Rowlett Jail does not accept bail bonds for Class ‘C’ misdemeanor offenses, only attorney bonds.

For more information on Detention Services or other assistance, contact the Police Department at 972-412-6200 or by Email.