TexShare Program

What is TexShare?

TexShare is a cooperative program designed to improve service to Texans. Members include public libraries that belong to the regional library systems, academic libraries, and libraries of clinical medicine. TexShare enables libraries to offer a broader range of materials and services than any single library can provide for its constituents.

What is the TexShare Card?

With a TexShare Card, a library customer may directly borrow books, music, movies and more from any other participating TexShare library, just as if he or she were card-holder there. For information about eligibility for TexShare Card privileges, please call or inquire at the Service Desk. See each library’s lending policy for eligibility and restrictions.

What are the TexShare Databases?

Licensed exclusively for customers at TexShare libraries, these electronic reference resources offer authoritative, full-text articles from verifiable, subscription-only sources. Find e-Books, magazine articles, newspapers and much more. Ask your local reference librarian for access information.

In order to log into the TexShare Databases, first log in to the library’s catalog page. On the left side of the screen, look for the TexShare link under Electronic Resources. If you are logged in to the library’s catalog, you will automatically log in to TexShare.

What is the TExpress Courier?

For librarians only, the TExpress is a courier service that provides quick, reliable delivery of Interlibrary Loan and other materials among participating libraries statewide.