Delivery, Taxes, and Insurance

The following information will assist awarded vendors in conducting business with the City of Rowlett.


All shipments must be made “FOB Destination” unless other delivery terms are agreed upon at the time of order. Collect/COD deliveries will not be accepted. Packing slips shall include the purchase order number, department name, and the name of the person originating the transaction. Deliveries will be accepted weekdays between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm.


The City of Rowlett is exempt from Federal Excise and State Sales Tax. Tax must not be included in bids and proposals. Tax Exemption Certificates will be provided by the City to the successful bidder upon request.

Insurance Requirements

For projects and services requiring insurance, insurance certificates must name the City of Rowlett as a certificate holder for the project prior to project start date. Certificates must include evidence of the amounts of coverage as identified by the City or by state statute.