Animal Bites

What do I do if I am bitten or scratched by an animal?

Any time a warm-blooded animal (dog, cat, skunk, fox, bat, etc.) bites or scratches a person, there is a danger that the animal could be infected with rabies. Therefore, the following precautions should be taken: 

  • Contact the Animal Services Division immediately.
  • Identify the animal. If it is an owned dog, cat, or ferret, it may be quarantined and observed for signs of rabies. If it is a wild animal, the Animal Services Division will submit the specimen for laboratory testing.
  • Immediately wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water as a first aid precaution.
  • Consult a physician as soon as possible to determine whether post-exposure rabies treatment is necessary.

Animal Bites (PDF)

For additional information please contact the shelter at 972-412-6219 or by email.