Annual Crack Seal Program

Crack sealing the streets and alleys is one of the most cost effective tools available to the City to extend the life of the pavement by 3 to 5 years. This is achieved by sealing the joints and random cracks, preventing moisture from penetrating the pavement and the sub-grade. The crack sealing process consists of cleaning the cracks and sealing them with a hot pour rubberized asphalt product. The contractor uses a compress air to remove the dirt and vegetation from the cracks and joints. The next step is to apply sealant. The sealant consists of the rubber and asphalt that is heated to about 375 degrees. The sealant is applied using a heated wand and then a squeegee is used to force the material into the crack. The squeegee also prevents a build up of material on the surface and ridges from forming, thus improving the quality of the ride for the motorist. Residents can resume parking and driving on the street within a couple of hours after the sealant is applied.