Is food available for purchase at the park?

We have everything from cheeseburgers and hot dogs to ice cream and funnel cakes available for purchase at Haley’s Hunger Hut. Order up!

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1. Where is the Wet Zone located, and what are your hours of operation?
2. How much is it to get in?
3. Do you charge for parking?
4. Are there height restrictions on any of the attractions?
5. Can I bring my own food / cooler into the park?
6. Is food available for purchase at the park?
7. Does Wet Zone offer season passes?
8. Do you have Group Rates?
9. Do you have a birthday package?
10. Can I bring my pet?
11. At what age can children be dropped off at the park without being accompanied by and adult?
12. Are lifejackets permitted?
13. Do you have an ATM?
14. Can I leave and re-enter the park without a charge?
15. Do you have first aid at the park?
16. Are alcoholic beverages sold or allowed in the park?
17. Can we bring our own floating devices?
18. Do you have a spectator rate if I’m not going to swim?
19. Do you allow smoking in the park?
20. What type of swimwear is required at Wet Zone?
21. Can my child wear water shoes on a slide?
22. Do you offer rain checks in case of bad weather once we’ve arrived?
23. If I forget my towel, do you sell them in the gift shop?
24. How much is a locker?
25. How deep is the deepest pool?