How do I start an association?
The process for initiating an HOA does not have to be intimidating, but some organized steps should be used.
  • Step One - Determine the need for the association. To do so, host an informal meeting with your neighbors to see if there is a real interest in or need for the association. While it is optimum for 100% of area residents to attend the initial meeting, it is not imperative that they be present at that time. This first meeting could be among just a few or all of your neighbors.

  • Step Two - Check with the Dallas County or Rockwall County Clerk’s Office (depending on your address) to see if the developer has filed a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for your subdivision. Reach the Dallas County Clerk’s Office at 214-653-7275, or at 509 Main Street, Second Floor, Dallas, Texas. Reach the Rockwall County Clerk’s Office at 972-204-6500, or 1101 Ridge Road, Rockwall, Texas.

  • Step Three - Create bylaws and articles of incorporation to bring for consideration by all your members. Bylaws establish the procedures for the operation of the association. They create rules for voting, financing and control procedures. The articles of incorporation actually create a corporation if the association chooses to become incorporated.

  • Step Four - Once the articles of incorporation are complete, send two copies and the $25 filing fee to:
    Secretary of State
    Corporations Section
    P.O. Box 13697
    Austin, TX 78711

    Their phone number is 512-463-5555.

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