Do Rowlett residents have landfill access?

Yes, Rowlett residents are allowed to dispose of debris, without charge, twice within a calendar year at the Hinton Landfill and Transfer Station located in Garland by obtaining a "Landfill Pass" from the City of Rowlett. To obtain a Landfill Pass, residents simply need to present a valid driver's license and current water bill at one of the following locations: Public Works Department, 4310 Industrial Street Business Office, Annex Building, 4004 Main Street City Secretary's Office, City Hall, 4000 Main Street When using the Landfill Pass, the resident will need to present their driver's license and current water bill to the City of Garland attendant. The Hinton Landfill is located at 3175 Elm Grove Road in Garland, Texas. Should you need to contact the landfill, please call 972-205-3670. You may also view the Landfill Pass Information Brochure.

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