What is the City's policy regarding leaks on a customer's property?
Generally, leaks are the responsibility of the property owner, both in terms of the cost of repairs and the cost associated with the lost water. These leaks can happen anywhere on the property and since the water equipment and pipes are owned by the property owner, any damages are their responsibility. This could include, but is not limited to, leaky toilets, broken irrigation systems, damaged hot water heaters, etc.

When leaks occur from the water meter or from the piping infrastructure from the water meter to the water main, the City is responsible for the cost of repairs and should adjust the customer’s account if it is clear that the lost water went through the meter. City staff can determine the approximate amount of water that passed through the meter by comparing readings to previous periods.

The specific point where the City becomes responsible for a leak, begins with the meter. However, if a leak occurs at the connection point of the property owner’s water line and the City’s meter, then the responsibility will be the property owner as they or their contractor is responsible for making that connection. The only time that the City will be responsible in this case is if the meter tail itself is damaged and causes or contributes to the leak.More...

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