State Highway 66 Median Beautification Project
In the spring of 2017, City of Rowlett staff, along with TxDOT, Keep Rowlett Beautiful and la terra studios finalized the State Highway 66 Visioning Plan. This plan encompasses landscape and state-of-the-art irrigation enhancements along the entire State Highway 66 (SH66) corridor medians, including entry features at both the east and west ends.

Initial funding for the project will come from the Governor’s Community Achievement Awards $250,000 grant, awarded to Keep Rowlett Beautiful in 2014 by Keep Texas Beautiful. Subsequent funding will be provided through TxDOT’s Green Ribbon program. Together, the Governor's Community Achievement Award and Green Ribbon Project will provide over $2.1 million in funding to Rowlett. No matching funds are required from the City of Rowlett with this project, and TxDOT provides the administration and management.

Phase 1 of the project began at the far west city limit and extends to Applebee’s. Phase 2 runs from Chiesa to Heritage Parkway on the east end of SH66 and is anticipated to begin in February 2018. The areas specifically over Lake Ray Hubbard are not included due to necessary environmental approvals, but will be part of future projects. Plant selections include Liriope, Pennisetium Grass, Gulf Muhly, Flame Acanthus, Russian Sage, Coreopsis, Blue Grama, Upright Rosemary, Autumn Sage and similar plantings. Trees include High Rise Live Oaks, Texas Redbuds and Crape Myrtles.

Entryway features will be placed on SH66 at Dexham on the west end of Rowlett and at Heritage Parkway to the east. The features have been designed by la terra studio and will encompass a large wall with a “ROWLETT” designation on one side. There are additional environmental approvals the entryway features must go through, so their installation will be the final components of the project.

View the TXDOT (funding and managing the project) and la terra studios (landscape architects) City Council Work Session presentation from April 18, 2017, Item 3C on the Agenda at the link below.
TxDot/la terra studios presentation

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