Scenic Point Park
For many years, it has been a common misconception that Scenic Point Park was funded in the 1998 Bond Election. It is quite possible this misconception stemmed from a local newspaper article at the time, which listed Councilmember’s Bond Project “wish lists”. However, to be clear, the park never actually did receive any funding toward construction.

Scenic Point Park was slated to be completed in many phases based on available funding. The first phase of the park would be the wooden bridge that would serve as an entry way to the park. The bridge was funded through Cash CIP funding in 2012-2013 in the amount of $705,000 and a $50,000 donation.

In 2012, Rowlett partnered with la terra studios to develop a Scenic Point Park Master Plan.

In May 2012, City Council held a special work session to discuss this Master Plan.

In August 2013, City Council approved this Master Plan.

In September 2013, City Council approved awarding a bid to York Bridge Concepts to construct the wooden bridge and lookout.

In 2014, the City partnered with Terra Lago to complete Phase II, which would include a grand staircase, parking and 660 linear feet of trail. Future expansion will complete the additional phases of the park.

Phase I: Master Planning, Boardwalk, Easements - Approximately $785,000 - Funded through Cash CIP - status: open

Phase II: Grand Staircase, partial trail completion - Approximately $500,000 - Funded through a partnership with Terra Lago - status: anticipated to open no later than March 31, 2018

Phase III: Trail & Trail Head, overlook, kayak/canoe launch, terraced seating, playground, nature trail, wetland, wetland bridge, pavilion, boardwalk, pier, parking, signage/branding. Status: future funding for Phase III will depend on partnerships, sponsorships or future CIP funding opportunities.

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