Rowlett Community Centre
1. Why did the Rowlett Community Centre implement fees for some senior programs?
In 2011, the Rowlett Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) was charged by the City Council with becoming 70% sustainable by 2015. In order to continue to reach this goal, PARD must reevaluate fees on an ongoing basis.

In 2017, in an effort to enhance the already popular offerings for our community’s senior citizens, the department hired a full time parks and recreation programmer and added seven new senior fitness programs. At the time, the programs were offered at no charge to gauge interest and allow everyone to try the classes. In order to remain sustainable, PARD has implemented fees for SOME senior programming at a rate of $1.25 per class (seniors are still receiving a discounted rate, Youth and Adult programming ranges from $4 to $8 per class). This will allow us to ensure we have great instructors and facilities. And, as participants are aware, there are already many senior programs for which a small fee is charged to support the sustainability goal. These include trips, luncheons, some instructional classes and some exercise programs such as Senior Stretch.

This does not mean every senior program will have a fee – for example, Bingo, Coffee and Donuts, Bridge, Texas Hold ‘Em, Senior Health Checks and Table Games will continue to be offered at no charge. Core fitness programming will still be offered at no charge – PACE, Senior Fitness Fun, SAIL and Get Energized with Jill. Due to extremely high enrollment numbers, participants will now need to pre-register for these programs though!

Going forward, fees will be assigned to senior programming based on the type of program and the expenses related to the program. This structure is outlined in the Master Fee Schedule approved by City Council. All areas of programming follow the same structure including preschool to adult programming and athletic programming.

2. When will we get a Senior Center in Rowlett?
During Fiscal Year 2017 the City of Rowlett conducted a Senior Center Feasibility Study at the request of the Senior Advisory Board. It was decided the best location for a senior center facility was as an attachment to the Rowlett Community Centre. The price tag for the facility is approximately $7 million dollars. The Community Investment Advisory Board will request funding for the design of the facility as part of the 2018 CIP Bond election.

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