Dalrock Road Curves

**UPDATE 3/15/2022**
To build upon the improvements which have already been installed at the south curve, at the March 15, 2022 City Council Meeting Garver Engineering provided an update for further improvements based on their recent study. This study was commissioned in late fall 2021 to identify solutions to improve roadway conditions and reduce crashes in the area.  

 As a result, the Rowlett City Council has approved moving forward with 

  • the design and construction of a drainage pipe along the existing ditch; 
  • installing a 6’ wide shoulder; and 
  • installing a metal beam guard fence along the south Dalrock curve. 

Once these improvements have been completed, a high friction coating will be installed on the roadway to increase the surface friction.  Work on these solutions will begin immediately.
Garver Engineering Rowlett City Council Presentation (PDF)
Watch the meeting here...

What are the “Dalrock Curves” and why are they a concern?
There are two curves on Dalrock Road between Princeton and Liberty Grove that have become a focus for the City due to the number of crashes which have occurred. On the Dalrock south curve alone, sixteen crashes happened between 2016-2020. Eleven of these caused property damage to residential fences at five different homes. The cause of these crashes is mainly due to driver inattentiveness and speeding. As you are driving North up Dalrock, the locations of the two curves are: 

  • Dalrock Curve South – between Briarcrest Dr. and Yacht Club Dr.
  • Dalrock Curve North – between Clairmont Ave. and Champion Dr.

What is the City doing to address these concerns?
A study by Garver Consulting is underway to determine if a barrier, a recoverable shoulder, more signage, or additional lighting would assist with the reduction of vehicular accidents.  City staff anticipates presenting the results of this study to the City Council in March. Whether included in any recommendations or not, once the study is complete a high-friction pavement treatment will be added to the South Curve. This will significantly increase traction and serve as a prevention treatment.


What are the issues at the curve that the City is trying to address by contracting a study?
Overall, the goal is to reduce vehicular accidents along that section of Dalrock Road.  Lee Engineering performed the initial analysis, which included:

  • collected available crash data (full crash reports in PDF format) from the City of Rowlett Police Department within the area from 2016 to present;
  • gathered any available roadway design plans for the study area roadway sections;
  • collected 24-hour speed and volume counts for the approaches to both curves;
  • obtained ball-bank measurements to determine the slope on the approaches to both curves; and
  • performed a field visit to observe operations, posted speed limits, sight distance, existing signing, and markings, gather any other relevant information, and to measure roadway geometrics at both locations.


Didn’t the City already study the Dalrock curves?
No. In 2010, Lee Engineering performed a study on the 90-degree curve between Quail Ridge Drive and Blackfin Drive, the north curve location.  As a result of that study, signage and reflective bollards were added to enhance the early warning of the pending curve and improve nighttime visibility through the curve.  Improvements were proactively installed at the south curve at that time as well. The City added Raised Pavement Marking; reflective bollards on the outside of the curve; additional chevrons; and added a large directional arrow to guide motorists through the turn at night.  While these remedies helped reduce crashes in the north curve, crashes at the south curve have increased.


What were the recommendations from that study and what is the update?
South Curve enhancements Phase 1:

  • Install signs in high intensity prismatic-this exceeds the specifications for retro-reflective sheeting for traffic control. STATUS: Complete.
  • Fill road edge with asphalt millings. STATUS: complete.
  • Marking on utility poles. STATUS: working
  • Repair damaged delineators. STATUS: complete.
  • Replace RPM’s. STATUS: complete.
  • Reinstall curve warning sign facing southbound traffic to 7’. STATUS: complete.
  • Increase Police presence and enforcement of traffic speed. STATUS: working.
  • Evaluate possible “temporary” closure of the direct jump off lane off Princeton to force drivers to slow down and use the right turn instead. STATUS: closure in place.
  • Evaluate possible use of “rumble” strips. STATUS: complete.
  • Install vehicle feedback signs. STATUS: complete.

 South Curve enhancements Phase 2:

  • Ensure signage has a breakaway base. STATUS: complete.
  • Mark utility poles. STATUS: working.
  • Breakaway sign base. STATUS: complete. 

South Curve enhancements Phase 3:

  • High Friction Surface – STATUS: first bids for the total amount combined for both curves bids have been received – waiting on traffic barrier study to ensure once surface is applied no further work needs to be done.
  • Two additional LED streetlights – STATUS: working with Oncor to determine a schedule
  • Adding northbound shoulder- STATUS: Garver Consulting completed the survey to start the analysis
  • Install Traffic barrier, if warranted per engineered plan recommendation – STATUS: Garver completed the survey to start the analysis.
  • Contact Oncor to move utility poles – STATUS: working with Oncor to determine a schedule


Why is the existing merge lane from Princeton closed?
The merge lane was closed as an additional tool to reduce the speed of vehicles from Princeton Rd. to Dalrock Rd. The closure is a temporary condition until the current study underway determines the exact improvements that need to be made to the south Dalrock curve.   


Next Steps…
City staff anticipates presenting the results of the current study to the City Council in March. An update and further action items will be provided here at that time.   

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